the database

The database is at the very heart of what the RDI does. It is the ‘real life’ information from the treatment of hundreds of thousands of patients on which the RDI models base their predictions. As such it is the fuel on which the HIV-Treatment Response Prediction System (HIV-TRePS) runs, enabling physicians to select the most effective combination of drugs for each patient.

The database contains over 7.3 million data points, relating to 1.95 million lines of treatment in over 250,000 patients from more than 100 clinics in more than 50 countries around the world. The amount and variation of the data used to train the models underpins the confidence that users of HIV-TRePS around the world have in its predictions.

It is vital to the continued development and improvement of HIV-TRePS that we continually obtain more data, involving new treatments, from new regions of the world. If you have data to contribute please contact us as soon as possible.

An information sheet on our data requirements is available to be downloaded as a pdf below:

Data Requirements PDF Data Requirements


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