Second line study analysis published

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Our latest study, now published online in HIV Medicine, shows that HIV-TRePS performs comparably well with, or without, a genotype and significantly outperforms genotyping as a predictor of response to treatment.

The study compared the performance of the two sets of models used to power HIV-TRePS that do, and do not, require a genotype for their predictions of response. The models predicted virological response for 99 three-drug regimens for patients on a failing regimen of two nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors and one non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor in the Second-Line study.

o The rankings of alternative regimens by the two sets of models were significantly correlated in the majority of cases.
o The two sets of models identified alternative regimens that were predicted to be effective in 97%-100% of cases.
o The models performed with 72% and 74% accuracy compared with 55% for genotyping with rules-based interpretation (using the Stanford database).

The paper can be viewed here:

We hope you find this of interest.

The RDI team.

Date published: 17th April 2014


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