HIV-TRePS may reduce therapy costs as well as failures - Indian cohort study published in Biomedical Research International

Dear RDI subscriber / HIV-TRePS user,

We recently used our models that do not require a genotype to model outcomes for patients in an Indian cohort, for which annual therapy costs were available. The results have now been published in the open access journal Biomedical Research International. The models were able to identify alternative regimens (using only locally available drugs) that were predicted to be effective for all cases of virological failure. Moreover in every case the models identified 'effective' alternatives that were significantly less expensive than the regimens prescribed by the physician in the clinic. While this was a relatively small retrospective study, the results suggest that the use of HIV-TRePS could be highly cost effective in settings with limited resources.

The paper itself can be found here:

We hope you find the paper interesting and that you will alert your colleagues and contacts, particularly those in resource-limited settings, to the existence and potential utility of HIV-TRePS.

The RDI team.

Date published: 11th October 2013


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